quarta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2009

Mario Zahra Bird Room

Location: San Gwann
Built: 2002
Capacity: 180 Glosters
Make: Stone + Aluminum
Flooring: Ceramic
Ceiling: Insulated Aluminum
Facilities: Climate controlled
Fire Alarm
Lighting: Natural + Artificial
Water: Distilled
Cages: Plywood
Storage Space: PVC

This is my little sanctuary, this is where I relax and enjoy my Gloster Canaries. When I planned the room I had one thing in mind “First time right”. But I was far from that, because as months rolled by, I kept changing the setup and the layout of this room. The latest change I did was the actual breeding cages. I was forced to this because the big flights I had were to difficult to handle and to keep them spotless was a difficult task. Now I have 8 rows of 5 breeding cages on caster wheels and 4 flight aviaries, which makes life much easier when it comes to handling.

Por: Mario Zahra

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